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Kurt Carlson - Managing Director
Redmap Software

"We totally recommend MyBasicCRM"
Jessica Evans - Sales Coordinator -Flows Technology
"I have a complete CRM tool at my fingertips even I am out of office"
Dan Harfush - CTO - A1 Digital Design
"It is fun and easy to use, I can customize literally everything"

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to test for 1 month, do you require credit card?

Simply sign up with your name and email address to enjoy a no obligation, 30 day free trial. You can start using MyBasicCRM unlimited with as many users as you want. Your credit card information is not required for sign-up.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of the 30 day, no obligation trial period, you will be prompted to activate your account. Enter your credit card and payment information securely at this point only if you are 100% satisfied with your MyBasicCRM experience.

How much does MyBasicCRM cost? Is there an extra fee?

Let's say, you are using MyBasicCRM with 3 users. You will pay $8.9 per month for each user on your account, so 3 X 8.9 USD per month in total. Training, consulting, setup and version upgrades are included in this price.

Can I use it on my mobile phone?

You can use all the features of MyBasicCRM on your mobile phone. You receive a notification when a task is assigned to you. For a live example, please watch the video: How do I use MyBasicCRM on my mobile?

Where is your reference list?

MyBasicCRM has thousands of users around the world and supports many different languages. As an industry standard, reference companies are not published in our page. For a list of references related with your industry, feel free to contact us.

Where do you keep my data? How secure is it? May it go into the hands of the rival firms?

It is not possible for your data to be passed on to rival companies or to be lost unless you tell someone your password. MyBasicCRM uses SSL connection, a banking standard for the security of your password and your data. Your data and your files are stored in secure servers of Amazon and are backed up every night. You can find the server security details at the following links:
Amazon Security Page

What will happen if I give up using?

Your subscription payments will be cancelled and your records will stay in the system until the end of the month. You can download the backup of your data from the account page. Your documents will be transferred to a ftp address you provide.

What about user support?

For 24/7 user support, you only need to send an email to In accordance with our quality standard, you will definitely be answered within the same working day. You can also call our office during business hours.