The security and confidentiality of our users and their data are vital priorities for MyBasicCRM. Our experts and consultants are closely following necessary regulations and industry best practices for the secure management of your business systems.

MyBasicCRM is committed to fulfill the requirements on the collecting, processing, sharing, and maintaining of personal data found within the countries and states that we are operative (where required such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, California Consumer Privacy Act, BC’s and Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Acts). MyBasicCRM has users all over the world and additionally, users of MyBasicCRM have many customers in various countries and continents. Understanding and complying with specific regulations for all users and their customers can be very complicated and usually result in duplication of operational effort. For that reason, if your company requires an additional certification or it needs to comply with more specific regulations, please contact us at

Ownership and Retention
Unless you explicitly want us to exchange information mainly for synchronization (with services such as Google) or any other purpose for your needs, we do not share any information that belongs to you with any third parties. You can easily ask to get all your data we are keeping for you through MyBasicCRM website. If you decide to cancel your account, either we delete your data immediately, or we can keep them for some more time according to your preference.

Access and Breach
We never access your data unless you explicitly ask us to do so for mainly the purpose of getting support. Each such access and subsequent operations are logged and monitored. We only give support to your authorized personnel, and we do it carefully for not to be a victim of manipulating human interaction that may lead to unauthorized access. You will also be able to setup advanced access rights for your users. Any breach will be dealt with a plan prepared under respective regulations. We will let you -and in some particular cases the regulators- know about the breach as soon as possible and take all necessary measures immediately. Please keep in mind that you may be keeping private information of your customers, and you may also need to notify us in case of a breach, primarily if you or your customers are located in European Economic Area. Before reading further, we highly recommend you to check our official privacy policy here Privacy Policy
Technical Security
All your files and information are stored in secure servers of Amazon Web Services, protected with a firewall and backed up routinely. If you need additional server security details, please refer here Amazon Security Page

Encryption and Hashing
All your data is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and carried over the internet. Website connections (as long as you make sure that you are logging on to a page that begins with https:// and lock icon), database and backups are also encrypted. There is no way for anyone to know your password that you use to login to MyBasicCRM; user passwords are hashed and stored in their encrypted form at rest.

Backup and Recovery
We keep a real-time backup of our central database and take a copy of it daily to be able to restore your data in case of a need. We also keep a physically separated backup to be used as a disaster recovery environment.

Monitoring and Scans
Scans and external tests to monitor the status of our security services are being performed regularly as well as routine control of downtime, data collection, storage and processing practices to ensure that our policies and systems provide maximum protection

Training and Update of Policies
Our personnel has to be trained regularly on the subjects of user and personnel access rights and procedures as well as secure coding practices, technical security technologies and many other operational areas. In the meantime, we make sure to revisit our policies and keep them up-to-date according to changing regulations.