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Yeşil Holding decided to use MyBasicCRM in sales and customer follow-up of the INNOVIA and ELEXIA projects!
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"I definitely recommend"
Tunç Okulmuş - Sales Director
Lebib Yalkın Publications
"We manage customer relationship management very effectively with MyBasicCRM"
Harun Ünlü Board Member - Çukurova Heating Systems
"It is fun and easy to use MyBasicCRM on site or in office."
Ömer Dogramaci Sales Manager - Eçözüm Information Technology

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Is MyBasicCRM right for me? Who uses MyBasicCRM?

MyBasicCRM is a functional solution designed for any small or big business requiring a basic CRM solution. MyBasicCRM has thousands of users around the world and supports many different languages. For a list of corporate references, feel free to contact us.

Do I need to install any software?

No! MyBasicCRM is an internet based solution, built in the cloud. Login anytime, anywhere.

Will MyBasicCRM work with my phone?

In order to log in from your mobile device, simply click on the mobile view link. Mobile view mode has been specially designed and optimized for your mobile device. MyBasicCRM also fully supports tablet PCs in standard mode.

Can I take MyBasicCRM for a test drive?

We firmly believe that MyBasicCRM is the simplest CRM solution available- so go ahead- kick the tires and give it a free try. Simply sign up with your name and email address to start a 30 day free trial. Before starting to explore MyBasicCRM, please do not forget to watch the tutorial videos.

Do I need to enter my credit card info to start the trial?

Absolutely not. Enjoy a no obligation, 30 day free trial without entering any credit card or payment information whatsoever.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of the 30 day, no obligation trial period, you will be prompted to activate your account. Enter your credit card and payment information securely at this point only if you are 100% satisfied with your MyBasicCRM experience.

How much does MyBasicCRM cost?

MyBasicCRM costs $8.99 per month for each user on your account. For example, if your company has three users, your total bill would be $8.99 x 3 per month.

How secure is my password info?

Your password and login information is fully encrypted using industry standard 128 bit SSL. No one – including MyBasicCRM employees - may see your password. The processes that require your password are done automatically.

What about all of the information I put into MyBasicCRM? How secure is it?

All of your data is secured using industry standard 128 bit SSL. Data and files are stored on secure serves at Hostgator, LLC, a leader in secure hosting. To ensure absolute data security and integrity, our servers are fully backed up every evening. For additional information on Hostgator’s security policies, please visit the following link: Hostgator Security Page

When can I cancel my account?

You can cancel at any time. We will save your MyBasicCRM data until the end of the month in which you cancel your service. If you wish to retain the files, simply download them.

What about user support?

Please contact us 24/7 at with any questions - we will respond to your questions within one business day (or sooner). You can also give us a call during office hours


1. How can I create CRM records step by step?

Whether you are a new user or have been an MyBasicCRM user for years, it is good to keep the following fundamental CRM steps in mind:

1. If there is constant or once a year changing information belonging to a contact or client; those need to be saved as CUSTOM FIELD on the CONTACT page.
2. Activities like phone calls must be saved on the ACTIVITY page (not in the notes field of the contact page).
3. Recurring actions must be saved on the activities page (e.g: emails, phone calls, appointments, meetings, presentation, sales, demo, etc…).

2. How can I customize the CRM interface to meet my business needs?

One of the ways to improve the efficiency of CRM pages is to create your own business-specific information fields correctly. Below you will find important details about this issue which applies to every CRM system:

1. If the custom field you create is rarely used, it may not be worth generating- it may be more beneficial to enter information that may only be available for a small subset of customers in the notes field of the contact page rather than building a separate custom field.
2. Prefer list type fields as much as possible. For example, if you want to see the industry of the client, create a custom field named "Industry", choose its type as list and define the possible options (paper, metal, etc.). This way you will minimize errors and your reports will be more reliable and consistent between users.
3. Be careful with permissions. Keep in mind that you can set permissions for each field, ensuring that only the right individuals are able to view potentially sensitive information.
4. Make field names clear. For example, instead of creating a field named BNTRDATE in the order page, use the name “Bank Transfer Date”. This will help to prevent incorrect data entry.
5. Restrict fields according to the type of activity. This will minimize confusion and prevent irrelevant or extraneous fields from appearing.
6. Delete all default activity types, custom fields and reports which are not necessary for your business.

3. How can I use CRM with my mobile device?

A responsive, mobile version exists for mobile devices.

1. To use MyBasicCRM mobile, go to using your browser on your mobile device and then click the “mobile view” link, located in the top corner.
2. We recommend that you save mobile address as the home page in your mobile browser options and check the “Remember Me” option during log in. This way, you will be able to login with just one click.
3. It is more efficient to use the standard view rather than mobile view on devices such as iPads and tablet PCs.
4. If you encounter problems on viewing the mobile MyBasicCRM site on your mobile device, we recommend cleaning your device’s temporary internet files.

4. How can the search option be used more efficiently in MyBasicCRM?

Search is made for two objectives:

1. To reach a contact page quickly (example: for logging call details while having a phone conversation). The search box is conveniently located in the upper right hand corner of the MyBasicCRM interface.
2. To conduct a more extensive search click the magnifying glass at the right side of the search box- this search mode enables you to search the entire database as opposed to contact names alone, as is the case with basic search.

5. What kind of permissions can I setup in MyBasicCRM?

There are 4 types of permissions within MyBasicCRM to ensure that all of your employees and agents have access to the right information at the right time.

1. Menu based authorization: Set global permissions using our drop down menu system. Example: James can only view contacts and activities, Mary can view and edit proposals and calendar, John can view and edit everything.
2. Custom field based authorization: Set permissions by individual fields. Example: James can only view standard fields, Mary can view dollar amount of the proposal and John can view all fields.
3. Authorization depending on who saved the record Example: James can only view the records he entered, Mary can view everything but can only edit the records she entered, John can view and edit every record.
4. Client group based authorization: Groups of clients or individual clients can be assigned to specific users in two separate ways: (1) assign specific users to cover designated regions (2) assign specific clients to specific users directly;
Example: James can only access information on clients in NYC region, Mary can access records from clients in NYC and the Boston region, while John is granted universal access. Alternatively, you can set permissions based on the individual clients themselves, ensuring that James can only access data on his clients, and Mary only has access to data on her assigned clients.

6. What is the best way to use MyBasicCRM’s integrated calendar feature?

MyBasicCRM’s integrated calendar is designed to make your life simpler. A couple of quick tips:

1. Use the drag and drop feature. Let’s say you have a task due today but you are not able to finish it. Just drag the task box and drop it to a new calendar date.
2. If the due date of the task is not fixed, drag and drop it to the “tasks with no due date” box.
3. Create new tasks or events by clicking on any calendar date. If there is a start and end time of an activity or if there are participants out of your company, it is better to create an event (example: meetings).
4. You can copy a task or an event to another day. So A) You can create your weekly/monthly recurring tasks with one click. B) You can create multi day events until the ending date of the event.

7. How can I filter the activities done by a specific user?

There are several different options to analyze specific user activity:

a. By clicking the user name on the newsfeed located on the home page.
b. By clicking the user name at the contact or activity & task pages.
c. Using “filter newsfeed” on the home page. With this link it is possible to filter more than 1 user at a time. d. Creating reports and filtering records entered by a specific user.

8. How can I use MyBasicCRM to list the activities of yesterday (or today)?

To filter the activities done only yesterday, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the activity menu and start creating a new report using the link located on the right side.
2. Select “Last Date Edited” as the filter, “in last X days” enter 1 as the value.
3. Click the link “Add one more filter” link.
4. On the new line, select “Last Date Edited” as the filter, “older than X days” as the criteria, and enter 1 as value.
5. Save your report as “Activities done yesterday”. Clicking on this report in the future will allow you to access a record of the activities done yesterday, without selecting a specific date.
6. To list the activities of today enter value 0 at items 2 and 4 above.

9. When importing the contact data how can I import custom fields I have created?

For convenience and efficiency, client data can be imported into MyBasicCRM from Microsoft Excel. Detailed information on this process can be found on the Account page.

In certain situations, you may also want to import the custom fields you’ve created. For instance, you may have created a new field named “Client Tax Number” at the Contact page and want to import this custom field.

To do this, follow these steps:
1. Create a new column next to the “Notes” column on the far right in the Excel template.
2. The name of this new column should be exactly the same as the name of the custom field you have created (Example: Client Tax Number). Be careful with capital letter use.
3. Continue with pasting your information into this column.

10. How can I list the clients with no activity?

MyBasicCRM is setup to allow you to run many different reports. If you want to list clients that have no activity, follow these easy steps:

1. Create a new contact & client report.
2. Select the filter as ”Last Activity Date”.
3. Select “is blank” as the criteria and save the report.

Clicking the report you can list the clients with no activity.

Selecting other values as criteria, you can generate the following reports:

Example 1: Those without activity within the last two weeks.
Example 2: Those with activity prior to the last three months.
Example 3: Adding a new filter line enables you to increase your specificity- for example, add a filter with the city as NYC will enable you to see “List of NYC companies with no activity”.

11. How can I make custom fields dependent on one another?

You can connect custom fields to each other.

Example 1:
There are 3 options for “Product Category” field: A, B and C.
If A is selected, make the Product Colors field visible for you to select a color.
If B is selected, make the Product Dimension field visible for you to enter the dimensions.
If C is selected, make the Product Weight field visible.

Example 2:
If I select “Reseller” at the Client Reference list show the “Reseller” field, so that I can edit the reseller.
If I select “Operator” at the Client Reference list show the “Operator” field so that I can edit the operator.

To be able to do this:
A. When creating a new custom field: Select which field or value the new field is dependent on. If you leave it as “independent”, it will not be dependent on any other field.
B. To edit a previously created field: Click on “type” and continue selecting from the opening window.

Note: You have to have at least one “list” type custom field for to make this feature to be active.

12. How can I add a batch activity to each contact page?

Examples of batch activities include:

A. Sending hundreds of emails with Outlook or using a bulk email solution.
B. Sending an invitation letter to 150 of our clients- we want to see a record of this within each individual client page.

Follow the below steps for this:

1. Create a Contact & Client report.
2. Prepare the filter (example: clients in NYC).
3. Preview the resulting contact list and check to ensure that it is correct.
4. Click the “Create batch task/activity” link under the result box.
5. Selectthe task & activity type (example: Outgoing e-mail) from the opening window, finish the process.

13. How can I create a Reseller System?

While your resellers can only keep track of their own contacts and activities, you as the distributor can edit and view all reseller activities from a unique page. To be able to do this please follow these steps:

1. Go to Contact & Client page. Click Add New Person and then open the custom fields window.
2. Add a new field with a name, for example “Authorized Reseller”. Select the type as “list”, save it from the right side and enter the list values (Ex: Reseller A, Reseller B and etc…)
3. Without closing the custom field window, click the “Create matching field in Organizations” button on the upper right side and then close the window.
4. Go to Account Page, click Add User link and add the user who works at your reseller to the system.
5. Click the “Limited view & edit” box on the left side and mark the reseller where this user works (Example: Reseller A) and hit the save button at the bottom.

That’s all. When the users working at your reseller re-logs in, the permission system will start running.